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I like art. I like poems. I like you, sometimes. Let's be friends. Hang around. Say hello. And most importantly: slap me when I'm being too pretentious.


Cecilia Paredes uses her own body as a medium by wrapping herself in cloths or painting her skin and placing herself at the disposal of an environment that absorbs her in.

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The Body,” a series by Alan Herbert

This is produced by a hand drawn photogram on top of a medium format photo.

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Michael Reedy was born in Galesburg, Illinois. He received a BFA in Drawing from North Central College, a MFA in Painting from Northern Illinois University. He began teaching at EMU in 2005. Portraiture is central to his artistic studies and has been for the past twelve years, he says. Reedy identifies a particular interest in depictions of the human body that fall outside the canon of art history, such as cartooning and medical illustration.

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